As the old adage goes “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime“. With that in mind, I wanted to make this article a bit different.

Rather than just giving you stock research as I normally do and then warning ‘‘do your own research!!” In this article I will give guidance as to how to perform solid due-diligence on an investment opportunity, things to look for and things to be wary of. …

The Commodity supercycle

Bumper Earnings

Earnings season is fully upon us, with many companies releasing their reports, and some big names have shown bumper results:

  • AAPL
    Destroyed analyst expectations, reporting earnings per share (EPS) of $1.40 vs analyst expectations of $0.90. They also announced a share buy-back scheme worth $90bn and increased dividends by 7%. AAPL Still represents a solid buy from me, having covered them early last month. Read what I wrote about them here: Apple Research
  • MSFT
    Also beat earnings expectations, booking an EPS of $1.95 vs an expected $1.78, representing an annualised rental growth of 19% compared to last year. The big thing…

Hello all! I hope you’ve had a great week. I’ve not put out any stock research this week for two main reasons:

  • Markets have been volatile this week, meaning no particular stocks stood out as good opportunities.
  • I have been working hard in the background on bringing you more features, including providing interactive access to the results of my algorithm and more. I can’t announce too much yet, but stay tuned, I’m massively excited about this!

Why have the markets been volatile?

A few things have been at play to cause the market to both go up, and down.

  • Doubts growing around the vaccine roll-out, fuelled…

Research on 2 stocks, buzzing stocks and more!

Hello all, I hope you had a great weekend.

This week’s roundup is later than usual, as I have so much to share with you this time. You have not one, but 2 stock researches, both of which have gone up %15 since I mentioned them last week, along with the usual summary of the most talked about and buzzing stocks (there’s a bonus graph!).

Another reason this edition has taken longer is because in the background, I am developing an interface for the tool which allow you to see the results of the top mentioned stocks in real time, along with host of other data. …

Last week saw some recovery for the hard hit tech and growth stocks as investors became slightly more comfortable with inflation forecasts, meaning US bond yields tapered off, which raised stock prices (they essentially have an inverse relationship, as one rises, the other drops). In addition, the $1.9 trillion stimulus bill was completed by the US govt.

For some, reduced stock prices provided a buying opportunity, or at least an opportunity to average down the cost of some of the positions.

I don’t expect us to be fully out of the woods yet in terms or recovery, with monday market…

Apple 🍎 Research, and some bonus highlights

For some of you, it’s okay to look at your portfolio again, as the $1.9 trillion stimulus package I wrote about a few ago has been announced; prompting some recovery in the beaten up growth & tech stocks.

For those that have been following my last few posts, you will notice some of the researched stocks are already making some strong gains, with CVS (+5.9%) and Phillips 66 (+7.1%) up since time of writing.

S&P500 stocks as of 09/03/2021, technology stocks showing the biggest gains, recovering after a terrible few weeks for them & growth stocks

Now this doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods yet, US 10 year treasury bonds go on auction this week, low demand for them (due to…

The market sell-off on growth stocks and bonds continues, and most likely will continue till the end of the week. To many, especially new traders, this seems like a full blown market crash.

Well, it’s not… a market crash needs a catalyst. Think back to every single crash, whether it was the dot com bubble, the housing bubble in 08, and even the flash crash on black Monday in 87' they all had a catalyst, if not many.

But bonds prices are crashing!

I appreciate that bond yield outlooks have shifted which are causing sell-offs, but holistically, that’s because of…

An algorithm to track & sentiment score the most talked about stocks on Reddit

I have created a Machine Learning algorithm that regularly scans the most popular trading subreddits, logging the stocks and tickers mentioned in due-diligence or discussion-styled posts.

In recent times, with the volatility seen in stocks such as GME or AMC based on reddit hype, financial institutions are increasingly scouring Reddit and other social media sites to help guide investment strategy and stock discovery.

In this post I will show what the algorithm identified as the most talked about stocks over the last week, and share my thoughts on one of the stocks that has been hyped.

Average sentiment of stocks vs SP500 performance, Reddit & Twitter in particular can sometimes be early predictors of deep market changes, therefore serve as good factors to assess investment propositions by.

What is it?

Instead of simply tracking…

Hello, I’m Ali from Bricklane’s Data team.

Previously, I wrote about how Bricklane uses technology to predict rental income, a value that is a critical part of how we choose which residential properties to invest in.

The article which explained how we automated a comparison valuation method to quickly predict rental incomes and scale up our Property team’s efficiency.

With that development, our analysts went from being able to review 5–8 candidates a day, to hundreds. The team could now review many property adverts quickly. However over time they found a human was still needed to verify/tune the final result…

Automating the process of comparative valuation

Hello, I’m Ali from Bricklane’s Data team.

Bricklane is building technology that aims to make investing in the UK residential property market easier and more efficient. This is achieved by Bricklane’s unique ability to purchase and service nearly any property in the UK, be it a full block housing estate, a farm house or a single urban flat.

Our approach is to construct portfolios of properties, which investors can earn returns from the rental income. Like other types of investment, a portfolio is measured by its returns. …

Ali Kokaz

Data Scientist, Algo-trading enthusiast & full-time Arsenal sufferer.

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